Pacholo Amit | Developer Portfolio
Where Innovation Meets Implementation
Pacholo Amit | Developer Portfolio
Where Innovation Meets Implementation

About Me

As a highly skilled software engineer, I specialize in creating mobile, web, and server applications that are not only efficient and scalable, but also tailored to meet specific business needs. My expertise in translating requirements into tangible solutions, combined with my passion for building server-side applications and traversing the full-stack from development to deployment, sets me apart in the industry.


Golang | Rust | Typescript | Javascript | NodeJS | ReactJS | NextJS | React Native | AWS | GCP | Serverless | Bash | Dart | Flutter | Python | Docker | Kubernetes | Ansible | Terraform | FluxCD |  ExpressJS | NestJS | Firebase | Git | Linux | MongoDb | MySQL | Postgresql | Supabase | Snowflake | Traefik | Vercel | Apache Airflow | Clickhouse

My Skills

Devops & Cloud Infra-architecture

Expertise in the process of deploying and maintaining Cloud infrastructure and robust CI/CD pipelines with DevOps tools

Software Development

Transforming ideas into applications and services that implement the industry standard for web , desktop, and mobile

Containerization & Orchestration

Designing of high availability and fault tolerant deployments with Docker and Kubernetes with GitOps

Server Applications

Delivery of performant & maintainable server applications in a variety of different languages & frameworks




Finance PH



Pach was the Team Lead of the Integrations by that time and now the Solutions Director. Though I may frequently jump across teams, I witnessed Pacholo’s dedication to his work, producing quality code, his willingness to learn and improve everyday.
Alvin James Bellero
Alvin James Bellero
Software Engineer | Equinix
This guy is a MACHINE. He craves for really hard problems and comes up with solutions on the daily. Not only that, but this guy is really friendly as well and helps literally anyone,
Vance Richiel Baritugo
Vance Richiel Baritugo
Advanced App Engineering Sr. Analyst | Accenture
What sets Pacholo apart isn’t just his deep understanding of the latest technologies, but his approachability and genuine humility in leadership
Kimoy Catayas
Kimoy Catayas
Software Engineer | Mediajel

Fun Facts

I make Youtube videos

4+ Programming languages

1 000+ Cups Of Coffee

Ex Sound Engineer